Major changes just implemented!

June 2, 2011

Wow, how time flies by, we have just realized how long it has been since we last posted here on our blog but we have got some exciting news relating to our site. Today we have pushed some major changes from our test environment to be live which include:

  • Fresh Home page content – Tell us what you think…
  • FREE Trial Challenges are now live – To build momentum within our community we have decided to implement the ability for Client’s to sample the innovation and creativity of our crowd by being able to receive up to 5 concepts with no listing fee. In return our creative Thinkers will be able to nominate how much the client has to pay for each concept.
  • Project type challenges are now live – This is the biggest change made which now sets us apart from our crowdsourcing peers.  Clients no longer have to guess how much to  award as Trophies in order to attract the most creative professionals to develop concept instead similar to Free Trial challenges the creative thinker decides how much to sell their concept for.
  • Contest type challenges are still live – Don’t worry you can still run a contest on our site if you want more certainty around your budget.
  • Listing fee reduced to $10 – Project and Contest listing fee has been reduced to an industry low of $10.

There are many more minor changes which i am sure you will enjoy. Log in today and check them out for yourself.

Keep on Thinking

CrowdThinkTank Team


One Week Down but Suffering Chicken and Egg Dilemma

March 20, 2010

It has now been just over a week since we officially launched and we are slowly growing our crowd of thinkers however it is evident that we are suffering a mild case of the Chicken and Egg Dilemma. For those of you who are not familiar with the chicken and egg dilemma you can check it out here.

On one hand our business model relies on customers Creating Think Tank Challenges however without having a long list of existing satisfied customers and/or a large crowd of people to contribute, convincing new customers to part with their hard earned cash is a major challenge.

On the other hand our site heavily relies on our “Crowd of Thinkers” to solve challenges, So if there are lots of challenges, heaps of people will want to sign up to solve them however during these early days there aren’t many challenges to solve so people are holding back in joining.

The Solution:
By creating a series of launch challenges we have started to overcome part of the dilemma and motivate a core group of people to join up to solve challenges however we are always seeking new thinkers to solve challenges,  so if you are a thinking type of person (we also like doing type people) then we would love for you to become a member of our community and guide our site going forward. Sign up today here.

Additionally if you are thinking about creating a new ThinkTank, don’t hold back, we have a team of eager thinkers standing by waiting to solve your challenge.

Live and seeking thinkers!

March 13, 2010

As can be seen by our previous posts it has been a long time coming but we have finally launched our site.

To kick things off and start building the size of our creative community we have created several challenges for use by the CTT team. Check them out here

We look forward to seeing you on our site soon.

Keep on thinking
Crowd Think Tank Team

Alpha testing starts this week

October 24, 2009

Well it has been a long hill to climb but finally we are getting closer to the summit. Due to the radical changes carried out, it has taken the design team a lot longer than first anticipated however we are currently carrying out internal Alpha testing with an official Beta launch planned for January 2010.

Keep on Thinking
Crowd Think Tank Team

A new site on its way

May 12, 2009

Thanks to everybody who participated in the recent round of testing, we have had some interesting feedback and have thus decided on rebuilding our site and taking on as many suggestions as possible.

We have learned a lot over the last month or so and as such believe there is value in holding off launching our current site and taking the time now to refine the different work processes on the site.

The main object is to ensure that when the time comes and we commence aggressive marketing of our site as being the ultimate solution for development of marketing material and graphical design, our solution stands out from the crowd and user realises that our site offers a very unique proposition to adding value to their business and they just have to give it a go.

At this point in time, the developers believe they can get the fully rebuilt, new and improved site up and running some time in the near future so we look forward to offering our crowd the opportunity to get in on the Beta testing action soon.

Keep on Thinking

CrowdThinkTank Team

Social Bookmarking meets Affiliate marketing

April 9, 2009

One of the key functions we are looking to develop over the coming months is a fully fledged social bookmarking affiliate marketing system to help our website be more viral. We havent seen anything on the market that does what we want but what we are looking at doing is incorporating a common social bookmarking function such as Addthis or ShareThis into an affiliate marketing system resulting in a system where Thinkers will be compensated for sharing the good word once a challenge is created by someone which they referred.

The key to success of any marketing program is giving people motivation to share their experience and what better way than to allow Thinkers to cash in on the effort people have invested over the years by networking on social media such as facebook, myspace, twitter and the like.

Feedback on this concept would be appreciated.

Keep on Thinking

CrowdThinkTank Team

Recruiting Thinkers, get in on the action

March 29, 2009

Currently we are commencing the recruitment of our crowd of Thinkers who we see as pivotal to the sucess of our website by ensuring we have a range of suitably competent professionals to fulfil our customers challenge requirements. There are so many different service providers on the internet offering corporate identity and marketing material development services but our major point of difference is the offer of crowd sourced solutions resulting in a more diversified range of concepts. 

Keep on Thinking

CrowdThinkTank Team

Start of a new era

March 22, 2009

Well it has has now been several months since we commenced the development of the website. There have been many ups and downs but the development team believe they have finally got the site to the point where it is ready to commence beta testing. 

Look forward to seeing you join in on the fun and be part of the development of our community in the coming months.

Keep on Thinking

CrowdThinkTank Team

Moving Forward

September 16, 2008

It has now been a little while since we posted here but we have made a decision on the type of crowd sourcing site we would like to implement.

More details to come soon but essentially it involves the use of crowdsourcing for the development of marketing material in the following forms;  Animation, Audio, Video, Graphical and Written.

Keep on Thinking

CrowdThinkTank Team

CrowdThinkTank: Your future is in the eye of the crowd.

July 25, 2008

Welcome to our official start-up blog.

There are so many different crowd sourcing ideas popping up that leave us wondering why we didnt think of that ourselves.

CrowdThinkTank is a start-up that is planning on taking the world by storm with a range of crowd sourced services.

We believe that crowd sourcing is the way of the future and would like to invite you to suggest any ideas or let us know of any great crowd sourcing concepts you have come across which we could incorporate into our website during these early stages.

Do you have an idea? Have you seen a great crowd sourcing concept? We want to hear from you!